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Practical Phonics for Learners with SEND - Phase 1

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Are you • Unsure of how to make the teaching of phonics relevant for all learners? • Struggling with fidelity to one phonics scheme for all learners? • Unsure of when to start to teach phonics and when to stop? • Worried about how to ‘unstick learners’ and move them on? The session aims to provide you confidence around • Where to begin- celebrating strengths and identifying gaps • How to demonstrate impact, identifying pathways and considering our end goal Alongside practical strategies and approaches to • Develop or consolidate the foundations of phase 1 for learners at any age • Use multi-sensory approaches and ways in from EYFS to Post 16 for phase 2 • Implement early phonics games and rich literacy environments • Teach or reinforce the skills of blending and segmenting • Understand core terminology • Develop confidence, motivation, and fluency for all learners Recordings of live event available to purchase and view for 3 months from purchase, has accompanying notes with links to brilliant resources Feedback Practical phonics for SEND October 2022 "Thought provoking and inspiring" "Inspirational speakers, clearly passionate about reading" "A really informative course - thank you." "Sarah and Naomi were lovely! Calm, engaging and thought provoking" "The phonics course was great and Dr Sarah and Naomi were very knowledgeable and passionate about the teaching of phonics" "Great course with practical, quick and simple ideas you can begin in the classroom immediately"





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