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A range of services can be offered including : 

Consultancy - bespoke support for your school/organisation to reduce barriers to learning and raise outcomes 

  • Providing online or face to face advice to provide external challenge and support to raise standards and enable your organisation to flourish.

  • Working together to agree the current performance of the organisation, I will assist you in identifying areas of strength to be celebrated and areas that require development.

  • I support your school improvement journey

  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the organisation using local and national data, to help drive accurate and robust self-evaluation and improve the overall quality of education.

  • Inspection preparation- reading deep dive 

  • Curriculum and policy planning, review and audit 

  • learning walks or observations 

  • Conducting SEND reviews across a school/ MAT or Trust 


Conducting a SEND review – what to expect?

Aims – A SEND reviews provide the opportunity to drive forward /improve the provision for pupils with SEND to ensure they achieve well, are included, reducing any barriers to learning.


  • The SEND review framework facilitates increased collaboration/ development of expertise, to ensure effective identification, inclusion with clear understanding of need for reasonable adjustments, learning and outcomes for all learners with SEND.

  • Ensuring effective implementation of reforms /compliance with legal responsibilities and duties.  

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