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365 new days to make a difference to all learners (357 now!)

So the New Year has begun and we have a fresh page on which to plan new adventures, experiences and opportunities.

This term my focus is on improving access to education for all. I have been reading lots over the festive period and aim to keep updating my social media with interesting posts and research, to support you all to provide the best opportunities for all children and young people. Please link with me if you would like to find out more.

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Dr Sarah Moseley

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During the training that I offer in person and online for schools, families and other organisations, there are some key areas of support that are often requested. I thought it would be useful to provide a link to some of these along with some brilliant resources.

1. I am always asked to provide links to information and resources that will support making teaching and learning accessible to all. This is an area where there are some fantastic resources available and I would definitely suggest beginning with some of the links below

2. Where to begin in terms of the teaching of reading and particularly the teaching of phonics (useful to consider how these books can supplement the offer that you're providing for learners who are at phases 2 and above)

Check out my new course or book our previous course that is live again on February 24th

3. How to support the mental health of all learners in a positive, meaningful way (an interesting series of webinars with free access for a limited period) (simply brilliant resources, blogs and information for ALL!)

I recently ran a whole school training day in London, and it was great to have the opportunity to talk to professionals about their experiences and needs, Thank you to Daniela and the staff for the fantastic feedback and a truly wonderful day full of enthusiastic and passionate staff.

Please check out the information on my website and contact me if you feel that I could offer your organisation any further support, information or training. I have a contact form on the website just click here

If you know of any parents or carers who need support then check out our half termly evening session. We encourage them to garb a cuppa and discuss any support needs they may have, we have had some great sessions with excellent feedback so far.


I am lucky to work for some interesting companies too!

Check out the links below for some of my upcoming sessions, have a fantastic week all.

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