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Teaching reading to all learners has been published! What's next ........

My book aims to pull together theory and practice in a way that is useful for those working with children and young people who may be struggling to learn to read. I call for a more inclusive definition of reading, that enables us all to be part of the established reading community.

Here are some of the schools who provided examples of ways into literacy and examples of impact within their setting!

Through linking all areas of literacy including communication, attention, an understanding of sound (and more) we can support a deeper understanding of how we learn to read and how to engage and motivate all learners. I want to empower others to see how they can support all children and young people to be part of the wonderful world of literature.

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Read more about my journey here and find some amazing resources and ideas!

I will be continuing to offer bespoke training and consultancy (packages of school improvement include reviews of literacy, reading audits and curriculum development) focused on the importance of bringing everything back to the difference it makes to the learner, looking at reducing barriers to learning.

I have some in person training slots left for this year so please get in touch to discuss your training needs, or plan for next year!

If in person does not suit look at a bespoke package of online training. I can offer full day, half day and twilight training for all professionals and families around removing barriers to learning for all and making a difference to learning (supporting neurodiverse learners). Or sign up for one of my Zoom webinars to attend live or watch the recording after!

Join me for my new online course!

Developing effective phonics instruction for struggling learners within a neurodiverse classroom.

This course builds on my previous two sessions and can be a follow on or stand alone resource. Participants will learn about the principles of phonics instruction, including phonemic awareness, decoding, and word recognition, and how to apply these principles in the context of a diverse classroom.

Participants will also explore strategies for working with struggling learners with diverse learning needs, including those with dyslexia, ADHD, pre/nonverbal learners and learners with more complex special educational needs.

Live online 20th April 9-12:00 £64

Book now for a limited £10 discount with code


Attend live or access the recording after the session is complete

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who contributed to the book. For those who contributed stories of impact, these have already began to make a difference. I hope you will join me in spreading the word about the many ways that this book can be used to support all learners.

Please do leave a review for the book, as it supports it to be accessible to a wider range of people.

I love to see the photos of the book in the wild so please do keep adding these to social media or sending them to me. Please tag me in any reference to the book and use the hash tag #teachingreadingtoall.

My aim is to get this hash tag trending!

Thank you again for giving up your time and energy, hopefully this small change can make a big difference to learners.

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