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Let’s celebrate inclusive reading ideas with World Book Day!

Wow I'm loving this year’s theme for World Book Day which follows the message

“you are a reader”

What better way to celebrate and bring together every child and young person into the magical world that literacy can provide,than this!

The focus is on inclusive reading ideas that help make reading accessible to everyone, regardless of their age, ability or background. Books are available in Braille, large print, and audio versions. Make sure you take advantage of these formats and use the links below to order the books in advance 😊

"If you require one of these formats, please get in touch with the following contact numbers closer to World Book Day:

RNIB – Braille & audio versions (UK) 0303 123 9999

Guide Dogs – Large print (UK) 0345 143 1000

Calibre Audio – Audio versions (UK) 01296 432 339

NCBI – Braille, audio, large print (Ireland) 01 8642266 (or email"

Bag Books have partnered with the World Book Day charity and there are now a range of sensory ideas and activities available too! Download the activity sheets for each book to take a look

Why not try

Sharing books in a new or different way don't forget audio books, e-books, graphic novels, sensory stories and picture books are all great alternatives. Many libraries and bookshops offer a range of formats, so don't be afraid to try something new.

Don't forget the importance of reading aloud, as it allows learners to experience the joy of storytelling and helps them develop their listening and comprehension skills.

There are some amazing accessible resources available so take a look at

Or check out the March teaching calendar from Rhyming Multisensory stories for lots of ideas

I hope that this World Book Day inspires us all to make reading more accessible and inclusive for everyone. It is important to remember that at times we will all struggle or need adapted reading materials to build confidence, motivation, and engagement!

On that note my book is due out on the 21st March and I am hosting a book launch online via Eventbrite to celebrate, its so exciting! Please contact me for a link and I will send one to you. I will be sharing some small tasters from the book very soon...........

Some good reads this month are -

If you want to find out more about the theory of becoming a reader Dystinct Magazine is worth a read. To access the January issue for FREE use the link below and follow the prompts:

Take a listen to these if you have time too!

By using a variety of tools, approaches, adapting materials, and considering the needs of individuals with different abilities, we can help ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the pleasures and benefits of reading.

Researching Literacy Curriculum Frameworks

I am very excited to be working with Teach Us Too who are hosting an exciting new project working towards developing an effective literacy curriculum for learners with complex needs and we would very much value your input.

We would be extremely grateful If you could spare just a few minutes to fill in the below survey which will assist us in our first steps to researching what is currently in use and how it is working. Please share far and wide!

Finally last chance to book onto tomorrows live practical phonics course or access the recording with a £5 off voucher!Code is SPRINGSALE20

To find out more about the training, consultancy and support I offer please check out my website

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