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Welcome Everyone!

There is a great deal happening this term....

I will be producing a roundup of events, news and links to ideas monthly, so please spread the word if you think that anybody might benefit from this!

Tell them to head over to my website and subscribe for some hints, tips, and ideas to keep us all motivated and excited about providing literacy opportunities for all learners.

This month I want to give my top tips to support ensuring literacy rich opportunities and experiences are in place for all learners. Just click on the links below :)

For all learners we need to remember the importance of-

1. Keeping up to date with our own knowledge and understanding about how we learn to read - Keep an eye out for the next set of free courses

Phonics First or Phonics Only? | Shanahan on Literacy

"From decoding to automaticity - the missing link" - The Reading Ape webinar recording.

2. Using technology as much as possible to support and motivate!

Reverse alphabet-,

Downloadable infographics- Fab! addressing-reading-difficulties.pdf Mrs Siravo U tube channel -(free literacy passport to download)

3. Reading out loud daily

Picture books-

Home | Rhyming Multisensory Stories

4. Regular access to linking reading, writing and communication

Modules to develop shared reading

5. Creating an environment where books and stories are part of everything Digital libraries (rap search found me LLCoolJ)

6. Make literacy accessible from the start

Making books assessable 5 Tips to Make Books Accessible and Meaningful for Children Who Are Blind, Deafblind or Multiply Impaired | Paths to Literacy

7. Use high interest low level reading books

Books for Reluctant & Struggling Readers | HIP-Books

8. Making reading fun and ensure home school engagement is at the heart

Improve your child's learning at home | Words for Life

A Parent's Guide to Phonics: Understanding How to Help your Child with Reading and Spelling Paperback – 17 Aug. 2022by Ann Sullivan

Time together - support for multilingual families | National Literacy Trust

9. Celebrate and showcase achievements

Dyslexia Awareness Week 2022 - British Dyslexia Association (

10. Making the most of local faculties and environment's

Digital story trail launching this week in Lowestoft | National Literacy Trust

School Library Association (

Booklist inspired by and similar to Roald Dahl books | National Literacy Trust