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Reduce Barriers to learning for all!

Check out some links, ideas, live webinars and updates here!

Welcome at last to the summer, the sun always makes things seem brighter.

Thank you for your wonderful reviews and comments on social media, Amazon and beyond of my book and my training! Please do continue to comment and review as this helps the book and me to reach others! 20% discount available till end of August SMA36

As we move towards the end of the academic year I am busy planning for 2023/24 and I will continue to offer training, support and consultancy across all areas of education focused on removing barriers to learning for all.

My new independent courses/training sessions (online or in person) are ready to be launched so check out my courses tab on the website (coming soon!)

My new courses include an increased focus on understanding neurodiversity as a natural variation in the human brain, with different individuals exhibiting unique cognitive strengths and weaknesses. I look at how we can create an inclusive education system for all from the start. Feedback from my recent training........

I am fully booked for in person training for the first autumn half term with limited availability in person after that, but I can do online and discuss in person training for later in the year, Check out other feedback or please get in touch for a quick chat! Use the chat button if no availability in next 6 months as I am updating calendar but I will get back asap.

Finally join me for my last independent course of the year, this promises to be a

lively and engaging resource filled 90 minutes!

Empowering Minds: top tips for teaching reading to neurodiverse learners and those with more complex special educational needs

My last live session of the year- focusing on transition

We all have lots to do some here are some useful links in my recent newsletter

Check our our new audit too, ideal for transition to next year!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Sarah

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