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February Insights

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

A focus on the importance of reflection

It’s not quite February but I am looking forward to a few days off next week! Its my birthday week (I do like an occasion) and part of my new year, new me is the notion of taking time to enjoy a better work life balance. This has led to more time to think......

On this note my top tips for February are

  • Make time for reflection – in the workplace and within our personal lives

  • Provide opportunities for everyone to reflect on practice, provision, progress and outcomes.

  • Build this into your day, week, and term. Create opportunities to celebrate successes and reflect on these, making time to learn and consider our next step.

  • Provide opportunities to develop our own and others' practice (consider making short, focused videos within your own settings). Make time to record and model good practice or successful strategies.

  • Provide accessible information about key strategies and approaches, share these with the whole community, include overviews of key terms and signposting to useful sources of information. Make it simple, clear, and open to everyone (audio access to information, pictorial guides etc)

Create time in your schedule/timetable/diary for things to happen (I have scheduled classes with Milly at -these are incredible outdoor classes! As well two hours a week to watch and read some of the incredible videos and articles I have saved). This has already had an impact on how I am thinking about my next steps.

I have found these links from National Storytelling week worth

I have recently written articles for and, both magazines are free this month and are worth checking out. This writing led me to reflect further on the importance of A. The powerful influence that we have as adults on children and young people’s experiences and opportunities. Reflect, what are the barriers to learning? What can I change for all and make more focused for some? B. The role that engagement and motivation play in reducing barriers to learning for all. In particular the role of supporting the development of resilience and emotional literacy in learners. This is a useful article around emotional literacy

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