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Free Gift for World Book Day 2024

In this blog I am sharing a collection of some of the amazing resources and links for World Book Day, which will help us to support all learners to be immersed in the amazing world of literacy.

Learning to read and having access to a rich inclusive literacy curriculum has a huge impact upon us both emotionally and academically. Yet there is a lack of clarity around teaching reading to learners with complex needs, and this does not support an inclusive education system for all learners.

In my work I support schools and organisations (as well as families) to adopt a more Inclusive view of literacy. This is achieved through understanding the key aspects needed to become a reader, bridging the gap between oral language and written text. In my training and consultancy I share many resources, ideas and strategies from some of the fabulous people I know and work with using links such as this. Click in the Wakelet below to check out some of the resources!

Finally remember that print is part of  our world regardless of our ability to access it. By focusing on communication and literacy skills, we support learners to develop cognitively and expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them. Through immersive literacy experiences we can go to places and times we never imagined!

The key here is us, we must change the way we think. We must widen our definition of literacy and reading to give everyone the opportunity to be thrive.

Watch me here :)

Have a great week Sarah

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