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Creating inspirational learning, raising expectations, and removing barriers for all learners


About Sarah

I provide face to face or online training, coaching / mentoring, key note presentations, information and support for professionals and families from all sectors, specialising in school improvement and raising outcomes for all learners.

I am passionate about making a positive difference to the lives, attitudes and outcomes of those who may struggle to learn. I offer a bespoke service based on a belief that every action, can make a difference.

Every action, no matter how small can make a difference.

"I aim to bridge the gap between
theory and learning, to create a culture where high expectations thrive, improving

outcomes for all pupils."

I have over 25 years’ knowledge and experience within special and mainstream education up to Headteacher level, as well as a solid research background rooted within the psychology of learning, that includes a Masters and PhD in Special Education. Keep an eye out for my latest book! 

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My Services

Bespoke, research-based support that engages with all participants.

Designed to deepen understanding and empower you to create the change needed.

Suitable for all professionals outside of and within education including teaching assistants, SENCos, teachers and senior leaders, as well as those new to education and parents/carers. 

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- virtual or in person

Training can be tailored to your needs or used straight off the shelf.

These can be delivered as twilights, short courses, half day, full day or longer.



I offer in house support based on school improvement, raising outcomes for all learners and improving staff wellbeing.

Ranging from curriculum development to whole school/trust reviews. Contact me to find out how I can help....



I have a solid track record of speaking nationally and internally specialising in raising outcomes for learners with SEND.

Training I Provide

Designed to Include all learners including those with SEND focusing on the importance of high expectations


The golden thread that runs through all training is the importance of starting from the learner, considering this as a basis for intervention and support to increase engagement, participation, and enjoyment of learning opportunities.   

My sessions have been described as inspirational, engaging and informative! Check out the feedback from my recent face to face and online training and consultancy days to find out more.



"Knowing Sarah by reputation and needing to pull together approaches to reading and literacy across my school she offered the perfect bespoke package. Sarah delivered whole school training, met with a group of parents and with a working party to develop policy.


Sarah’s vast expertise and knowledge has added immense value to the teaching of reading at Mont a l’Abbe School. Ultimately this has positively impacted progress made by the children and young people who attend."

~ Elizabeth Searle - Headteacher Mont a Labbe School, Channel Islands

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