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Embracing Change, Empowering Education, and Promoting Equity: Sarah's Summer Term Update (Part One of Three)

Updated: Apr 17

As we step into the summer term, it's hard to believe how quickly time has passed. It feels like just yesterday we were starting the school year, and now we're gearing up for the summer term! The picture above represents my current obsession, AI. I am busy organising training and support to fully embrace this amazing tool, along with building confidence to use its time saving benefits. Watch out for my new 2024/25 offer, as well as some brilliant summer term news.


Summer Term is Here

As we approach the final term, it's essential to reflect on what we've learned about ourselves and our learners throughout the year. Central to our curriculum and the framework of Adaptive Teaching, is the need to thoroughly understand the strengths, motivators, and areas for growth of our learners. As my son prepares for year 4 in September, I'm determined to ensure he starts the new school year with a clear grasp of his strengths, and that we know what we can do to build on these, setting the stage for a successful learning journey. This requires us to continuously build on our tool box of strategies and be flexible/responsive in our approach to ensure equity for all.

As Ian Gilbert states in this brilliant podcast, "If I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change." 

We have the power to adapt, grow and use the transformative power of perspective.


Exciting Developments

On this note I would like to share a significant new project that I am involved in, with Teach Us Too. It is the collection of stories of the profound difference literacy has made to the lives of learners we work with, ensuring agency and equity for all.

This afternoon I had the incredible opportunity to attend the first of an 8 week course run by CALL Scotland (an organisation I love and recommend checking out).

During the session I heard stories of the impact that creating accessible, engaging, meaningful literacy learning has had at the learner, family, whole school and community level. Even after writing my book, working with a vast number of schools, families and learners, I was moved to tears. It's time to really focus on what we want for learners who attend our schools.

In the words of Barry Carpenter (shared by Sarah Giles) what are the aspirations we hold for our learners?

Please share this link, to help us gather these important stories, and really change the tide.

These stories will form part of an incredibly exciting training day happening in October (look out for the date!). This will be in conjunction with myself, Jonathan Bryan, Teach us Too, as well as the inspirational Pie Corbett (pinch me now!), Ann Sullivan and more! 

Finally, if you have worked with me previously, look out for the email you will have recently received. It contains a limited place invite, to join us for a two-part training course. This will be focused on implementing our new literacy framework. It's free online training, that is going to be awesome! Please sign up this week if you are interested!

My Pick of Things to Inspire Us all

  1. These have blown my mind!,recording%2C%20images%2C%20or%20voice!

  2. (This is a must read for anyone wanting to know more about Adaptive Teaching!)

  3. (fabulous first film about learners sharing their barriers to learning)

  4. Check out some of the image creation sites that are guaranteed to get learners wanting to read, write and spell to produce some wonderful images.

Finally take up my current offer

2 places for the price of 1

on these two courses if booked by Friday 19th April

Click on the image to book

Don't forget to join me and the fantastic Paloma Forde for a free webinar with Parenta - link in picture to join.

Tomorrow I am off to present at the fabulous SEND live in Oxford, I can’t wait to learn more and meet some passionate individuals. It's been a busy time and I look forward to sharing more soon.

I leave you with my AI generated image 'unlocking the world of literacy and learning.'

Have a wonderful week everyone and watch out for part two!

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